Friday, February 28, 2014

Tell Tale Heart Ale from Baltimore Washington Beer Works

Tell Tale Heart Ale from Baltimore Washington Beer Works is excellent but unremarkable American IPA. It is crisp malty and delicious. Would drink again.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Storm King Stoutshake

I am writing this post as I sip on a Storm King Stoutshake. Ingredients: half a quart of vanilla ice cream, 6 oz Victory Storm King Stout. Thats it. I had to mess with the ratios to get the right consistency and flavor. You could definitely go a lighter or heavier on the stout depending on taste and desired thickness. Tastes like a malty coffee milkshake. The hops and alcohol are very present, but after a few sips become much more bearable. Definitely a drink that gets better and better as you progress. What shake should I try next?

Schneider Aventinus Aged 5 years vs Fresh

Weizenbocks are one of my favorite styles of beer, and Schneider Aventinus is one of my favorite beers, and I was excited to do a comparison of aged to fresh. I was fully expecting to enjoy the aged Aventinus much more than the fresh, but I had the complete opposite reaction. The aged and fresh beer taste quite different. The fresh has a malty full body feel, and the aged Aventinus has more of a dry thinner wheat wine-y taste to it. The color and haziness on both beers was identical. This just makes me more excited to start brewing my own of this variety. The fresher the better.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

St. Amand French Country Ale

St. Amand French Country Ale purchased from the Whole Foods on Manhattan's Upper East Side. This slightly sweet, sour, almost salty, well carbonated Saison(French Country Ale) is very well rounded and drinkable. I would have liked to have a slightly more solid mouthfeel, but it is not completely lacking. I would say the sour saltiness is really what sets the beer apart. Would buy again!

St Druon De Sebourg French Abbey Ale

I have been really enjoying the Saison style of beer. I mistakenly bought this beer to compare to some of the beers I have tried. This belgian pale ale comes in a 750mL bottle and pours with a respectable sized head after some long distance pouring.

The flavors here are very subtle and definitely do not hit you straight away. Make sure the beer is not too cold or you will miss everything. The best thing this beer has going for it is its medium body mouth feel. It is slightly sweet, sour, and bitter. Very drinkable, but not something I would buy regularly, but it went very well with my pad thai.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spaten-Franziskaner Dunkel, Old Heathen, and Old Rasputin

Arthur and I went to the Peculiar Pub. Started with the Spaten-Franziskaner dunkel weiss which is typical of the style. Amoung its peers it is better than Erdinger, on par with Julius Echter, but falls short of Weihenstephaner and Schneider Weisse.

Second up was the Old Heathen Imperial Stout from Weyerbacher. While I enjoyed this one, it sweetness reminded me of the Dogfish Head Imp Stout against my will. Perhaps the alcohol content and subtlety of the sweetness made this one easier to handle.

Last up was the Old Rasputin from the North Shore Brewery(shown in the image). Different take on the style than I am used to. Tastes like the offspring of brown ale and imperial stout. Would try again, but perhaps my judgment was too clouded by that point in the night.

Peculiar Pub

The peculiar pub is a great place to get good beer for a fair price in a not so crowded atmosphere. Will elaborate at a later date.