Thursday, June 26, 2008

I bought this beer at U Med when I was heading out of Prague. Drinking the world wide stout reminded me of this beer because of the sweet taste shared by both. This beer is much smoother and complex than the world wide stout, and if i could find this in the US I would have it again.

12% ABV

Dog Fish Head World Wide Stout

I had this beer when my friend was enjoying Dog Fish Head's 120 Minute IPA(21% ABV). Picked this up at Atlantic Liquors in Delaware. Also available at Ron's. This is unlike any other stout I have had. It has the high alcohol content I expect from an imperial stout, but the flavor is simply a sweet syrup. Difficult to get through and will not drink again. The 120 Minute was delicious in comparison and I would much have Victory's Storm King if I want a domestic imperial stout. Did I mention I won't drink this again?

Price: $9
18% ABV